Privacy Policy


This privacy notice for Roomfs SA, referred to as “swissroom”(support@swissroom.app), “we”, “us”, or “our”, describes how and why we might collect, store, use, and/or share (“process”) your personal information when you, the registered user (“user”, “host”, and/or “tenant”), use our services (“Services”) on our application (“app”) and/or our website (referred to as our “Platform”). 


Data Collected 

The data we collect is provided by you when you register to use our Services on our platform for example. The data you share, such as first and last name(s), e-mail address, phone number, pictures, texts, Instagram account, Facebook account, and/or google account, credit card number, IBAN number, address documents and ID/passport picture is used for the purpose of our Services. The data is used to provide a safe platform and to enable our users to search/book/list/find a rental property on our platform. 

Other data may also be collected when, as a non-registered user, you visit our platform or when you contact us, such as your IP-address. We may also receive data from private information providers such as advertisement agencies, financial services providers, mobile phone operators, social media account providers, and third parties that share your personal information with us directly. 


Purpose of the data collected 

The data that we collect and process is used to provide our services through our platform. The purpose is to provide a safe platform to our users for them to best search/book/list/find a rental property on our platform. We use the data we collect to verify the users account, to communicate with the users, to verify the payment details, to promote advertisements, to constantly improve our services, and to comply with other legal obligations, such as preventing abuses, complying with orders of a court or any other authority. 


Accessibility and processing of the collected data 

The persons having access to the personal data you share with us, and/or third party shared directly with us are our employees, and any person and/or organizations who are related to us, such as third-provider IT-support, web-developer, and other advertising and communication agencies. 

In case of sale or merger of our business, we may have to share your information data with other firms. If required by law, for instance from cantonal authorities, courts and/or other authorities in Switzerland, we may need to disclose your personal data.  

We process your data in the best interests of the user-experience when using our platform. We use cookies, which you can accept and change at any time when you enter our platform. Some cookies are mandatory when using our platform, and are saved by your own device the time of your visit. Others aim at leveraging your user-experience and are used for statistical measures by us. Moreover, some data collected through the cookies we use may be targeted through your use and visit of other websites for targeted advertisements and may be used by other websites as well for targeted advertisements. Nonetheless, none of your personal data such as name, email address, credit card number, among others, will be transferred to third party. Specific information about how we use such technologies and how you can refuse certain cookies is set out in our Cookie Notice. 


Scope outside Switzerland 

Certain rules may differ in other countries than Switzerland with regards to the data privacy, especially within the European Union and the European Economic Area. In such case, we may enter into data transfer agreements with the respective country. 

In any case of data transfer to a country of within the European Union, we will ensure our transfer follow the GDPR.  


Data Protection 

We ensure that your data remains safe with us. For that, we use protocols, which allow a high protection of your data. The data known to our company, our employees, or any other third party whom we mandate and has access to your personal data, is protected through confidentiality agreements. Moreover, the cybersecurity we put in place aims at safeguarding your data from any data breach. 


Duration of the storage of your data 

We keep your data as long as you are an active user on our platform. That means, that we keep your name, phone number, email address, credit card number, and any other related data that you shared with us as long as you have an active account on our platform and/or that you are currently subletting/renting a property on our platform. Once your contract with a subtenant is finished, either by time or by cancellation, you can inform us at any time that you want us to remove your personal data from our database. 

Some personal data may be stored for passive users for some time. 


Your rights with regard to your personal data 

With respect to the applicable law, you have the right to request a report of your personal data we safeguard on our platform, should you wish to make any changes or for other reason. For that, you may contact us for more information. 

You may revoke our access to your personal data at any time, except when you have a current sublease contract still running on our platform. Once the sublease contract terminated, either by time or by cancellation, you may request the removing of your personal data on our platform.  


Data shared with other users 

We have a chat function on our platform for our users to connect and get to know each other. We are not responsible for the personal data you may share with other users of our platform and how it will be used by the users. It is each user’s responsibility to respect our guidelines and to comply with them.